Traveling around

Dear Peeps,

 I’m in Milan, one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been to and yet i can’t seem to find my peace. Its not like I’m not having fun or I’m too tired but this… I think I miss writing. I think I miss this… Sitting down to write to a friend, a beloved one. Sitting down and writing to spread love to take away all bad and bring good vibes. Every single day I feed myself with all this unhealthy food, pizza pasta cheese and I kind of miss having beans or avocado or even lattuce or kale. They say people always want what they cant have and atm this is what’s happening to me. This is a lovely place you guys.. It’s full of stylish people, chic. Putting an effort to look good but not caring too much about the people passing by them on the streets as they want to look good to the people they already know, not the ones they haven’t met yet. They are radiating urban vibes, they are citizens of a large, cosmopolitan city. Others are tourists, going around with their cameras capturing the moment like they would ever forget it. They want to look back on the content they take at the moment and think of happy times, they are wishing that it takes them back to time… Even if at that moment they werent feeling the best they think that one day they’ll want to look back and think of it as pleasant times. Traveling puts people at ease. Just observing, the humans and the buildings elsewhere makes you appreciate what you have at home, stability. I like traveling, I feel a bit homesick though. I miss spy licking my face and Leo scratching my thigh. I miss waking up in the morning and my big ass room and thinking of how much I love that room. I miss having those days when all I do is read a book and the moment I finally get to finish it. It’s not a moment of glory, I’m confused and kind of sad that it finished that way, wishing I could turn back time and do something better with my life, write instead of read. But before reading it is impossible for me to write, the day after, the week later… That’s why we need to travel. Without traveling motivation doesn’t come the day after, the week later. It doesn’t need to be far away, as long as you’re outside your house, that’s when you’re living your life. As humans, we always seek for something more, for that something we can’t have. Right now this is what’s happening to me, all I need is a quiet room, alone time and a laptop or a notepad and a pen to write. Instead, I have my phone, I’m in a quiet room and I will adjust myself to be satisfied with this, as this is life. Enough with my melodramatic speech, talk to you guys soon.
Cheers to the Teenage Years, The Quiet Girl.


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