Goal Diggers

Dear Peeps,

It’s a new one. A blank page ready to be filled in. Stories are yet to be lived and memories yet to be made. It shall be a good one, as much as possible. Hopefully with tears, since tears of joy are something positive, but other than that tears are a way of taking the pain out and getting rid of negative thoughts. So it shall be a good one with the right amount of tears and laughter.

This past year I’ve come to realize that I like to share stories and to share them with people. As soon as something happens in my life I want to call my best friends and tell them and spread the news and up to now I thought it was a matter of me being a gossip but I have finally realised that it is my passion that I have with people and events that are happening, I get attached to them in a way and I like to repeat them in my mind and create my own version of things. I like to call this imagination and since I’m so passionate about sharing stories, my main goal for this year shall be to write more. Write scripts, texts that do not necessarily have to be read by someone or get someone’s approval. Since writing is the one thing that makes me feel free I will try to write more and record enraptured moments of the world.

2016 did not start quite right as someone beloved passed away on the very first day of the year which caused the absolute chaos in many of my closest people’s lives one of them being my mom and my best friend. It was tough, knowing that I could not be there for them when they needed me the most. Nonetheless, it also put life into perspective and a year later I am able to evaluate the whole experience and deduce that health comes above everything else in life. Being able to live another day is a blessing since some people are not as lucky as we are and did not come this far. Therefore, I decided that I need to sleep more, exercise for the right reasons and eat right because sometimes nutrition can be key to staying healthy and even alive.

I am probably too predictable but my next goal for this year is to create an aim for my life and start thinking a bit more. Dedicate more time to thinking and figuring out where I would like to be in 10 years is what I would like to achieve this year as I coming closer to adulthood and it’s good to know that I know where I stand in my own life. In order to get the grades that I want there has to be some sort of motivation and by getting to know myself better I will hopefully eventually know where I’m heading in my life.

Last but certainly not least is people. The people that surround us may seem insignificant from day to day although when seeing the bigger picture they can have a huge influence in our lives. I used to believe that being with fun people is all that is needed, thus I was always looking for positive and happy people to be friends with. Recently I came to the realization that this is not enough. Sometimes we need that someone who will understand us a bit better, stand next to us when going through a rough time and someone who will love and care about us l like we do them. That’s why this year I want to get rid of toxic people, not from my life because that is not simply possible sometimes but from the list of people who matter and will surround me throughout the year and then later on in my life.

This year I would like to be a goal digger and dig deep to find goals that will put meaning in my life. This year I would like to live life to the fullest and appreciate to the fullest as well. This year shall be a good one because I am choosing to make it a good one.

Time measurements are a human invention and the changing of years is our way of dividing life into chapters which will then add up to a book of each person’s life and the thing is that you never know when a chapter could be the leading one, the peak of the book so each one should be treated with as much caution as possible and we should try to make each chapter the peak so that we can then end up with an incredible book behind which will be remembered as our life.

Happy New Year Goal Diggers

Cheers to the Teenage Years, The Quiet Girl.




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