Running away from time

I woke up today and looked at my phone, the screen lid up and I read 9:05! I was late to work and my heart started racing faster than usual. I tried multitasking so I was brushing my teeth and thinking of my outfit of the day when my phone started ringing, it was probably my boss intending to fire me, I was so worth it how could I not hear my alarm… Oh, wait did I set an alarm? I started losing my temper when my little bubble of thoughts burst I look at my phone and it’s my brother.

Some seconds later I’m cheering, jumping up and down and changing the schedule of my entire day. I call my boss and she congratulates me, I put on my pink shirt and my fancy pants trying to look good on a day like this one. I rush out of the apartment and I head to the train to go find my family and celebrate, I am overwhelmed thinking that this day started in such a weird manner.

I walk fast in the pace of the song I’m listening to, I have it on repeat so I’m jamming to the lyrics and every time my favorite part comes I stay silent and enjoy some quality music. Before I realize I’m sitting on the train, holding a bagel and coffee. I taste it and its flavor overpowers all my other senses as all I can think of is how good it tastes. I am in a carefree state right now!

Next time I look at my phone it’s 11:02. Such a peculiar day isn’t it? At this time on a normal day, I would be sitting at my desk doing my normal workload, being half way through but needing a break. This is normally the time I stand up and stretch my long legs by going up to Judy’s office to gossip about fashion week and what our fave celeb was wearing just the other day at that event.

Then I wondered… What if there was no such thing as time? Then I would never know what I would be doing right now under standard circumstances. Then I wouldn’t stress this morning because I would simply not know that I woke up late. There wouldn’t be such thing as deadlines and no one would feel like they are running out of time as they would just live life, simply like that. Time measurements are a man made creation, so why do we give so much value to something that could as well not exist? I dream of a world without dates and years and that seems almost impossible to me, I think of absolute chaos when I try to picture a timeless world. I sort of like it, though… Soon, everybody stands up the last passengers who remained on the train pick up their suitcases and leave one by one each going their separate ways and I’m still thinking. I decide I need to escape from this hypothetical made from a what if the world and come back to this one.

I arrive at my destination and as soon as I see the sky I know that I am at the right place. I take a taxi to my brother’s house. The taxi driver is extremely talkative and he asked me pretty much the story of my life. I sort of enjoy it though since it keeps me busy, away from my thoughts and makes me stay on earth and not zone out for once.

I get into the house and the whole family is there, moments later I get greeted on from everyone, hugging me and telling me the details of the good news. And I’m out on the balcony looking at the view. There is house after house filled with little people, they each have their own lives evolved around time, the same time we all have, just different schedules, some of them might not even have schedules at all. They seem pleased… What am I saying, I’m the one who sees them being cheerful just because I’m delighted?

I am here. I am at home. I am at my happy place and this is all that matters right now. not what the place is called or what time it is here. I know that I belong here, right at this place, right at this time and this is all that matters.


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