I’m me like that

I sent this poem to my friend the other day and he said it’s deep. I think it’s honest. So here you go, have a lovely weekend everyone.

I’m weird like that. I could have crepes or waffles at any point during the day. When I sing,  I sound like a goat and I dance like a whale trying to survive on shore. I am terrible at following schedules and every day I eat lunch and dinner at different times. I can’t eat food without some sort of sauce or weird combination and I can’t start the day without a glass of water. I drink more than 3 liters a day and I don’t pee more than 5 times even if I drink 10 liters, I probably sweat too much or something… I don’t have a favourite movie or song and I don’t believe that role models should even exist, I don’t understand the concept of them. You are your own special person, unique like that. Why would you want to look like or act like someone else? I have nihilistic tendencies when it comes to religion and politics. I like simplicity and I believe that minimalistic houses are to die for but I also love the ones where there’s so much going on, the ones with huge bookcases and the ones that have antiques and built on memories that didn’t come with the house when it was first created or when the people first moved inside. I value and love the people around me so much, sometimes I care too much and sometimes pleasing them is all I can think of that I stop paying attention to myself and what I actually need, not the others. I want people I love to be happy and when they’re not it instantly brings me down and it makes me want to change the whole world just to make them smile again. I don’t believe in marriage and forever even though part of me hopes that there is such thing as love that could be immortal and overcome any barrier. I get sad when people I love decide they don’t want me to be part of their lives anymore as if it’s a decision they can make for themselves without consulting me first. I don’t understand how they can do this but then again I’m me, complicated like that. I feel too much, I love too much, I care too much. I also over analyze every and any situation even if it’s not my position to judge, I just think of everything that occurs and I try to evaluate events as if they were a report and they could be improved or fixed in a way… Just to minimize error, for future references. I’m weird like that because I finish books in one night, I woke up to go running at 6  and I got so attached to a person it took me two years to stop texting and trying to communicate. I am weird and some call it crazy but I call it Elaine, that’s how I explain the insanity.


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